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We need to be tough to have a chance

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28. 7. 2015 | 09:51 back to news

Only hours remain until our first match in the Champions League this season. Sparta expect a hard battle at Khimki Arena – one in which they are not considered favourites, but still have a chance.

Players and coaches know the strength of CSKA, especially at their stadium.

“They certainly have quality, they have been together for some time already,” says Mario Holek, the main part of Sparta defence.

“Some things are automatic for them, they are used to certain principles, and their offence is their strength,” Holek added.

“They are particularly strong in the attack. Very aggressive, speaking of Musa, Tošíć, or Eremenko. However, parking the bus would not be a good choice here. They seem to be vulnerable in the back,” added Zdeněk Ščasný.

Due to injury, Michal Breznaník did not face CSKA during his spell with Perm, but he knows the opponent well, too.

“They’re going to be tough. We need to be even tougher to have a chance and I’m sure we know how to do that,” Breznaník says.

It’s going to be a second try for Sparta this season, as they got disappointed in the first league round this weekend in Jihlava.

“That match will not have any influence. I might make some changes in the line-up, but it is going to be more about quality, than attitude,” said Zdeněk Ščasný.

David Lafata travelled with the team to Moscow, but there’s only a small chance he will appear on the pitch. On the other hand, Costa can make his comeback to the starting line-up, as he was not allowed to play in the Czech top division for his red card in the last match of the previous season.

The match at Khimki Arena kicks-off at 7.15pm local time, 6.15pm CET.



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