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13. 1. 2018 | 13:01 back to news

The first team is already in Benahavis in Spain since late Thursday night when the players and staff arrived here from Prague. Slovakian defender Lukáš Štetina spoke about the trip to Spain and the first day of the training camp

'The weather is much better than in Prague as there is warmer in Benahavis. It's good for muscles and it's more comfortable to train and play in this weather than in cold.'

'And, of course, we don't have to train on pitches with artificial grass, that's a big advantage.'

'After Thursday's trip from Prague, the first day of the training camp was customised after the flight and travelling in overall. We needed to gear up slightly before we will train at 100%. It's very important for all of us to train hard because we need to be prepared for the second part of the season perfectly.'

Lukáš Štetina is one of the biggest players in our squad so he is not a big fan of travelling by aeroplane. „I don't like travelling, especially by aeroplane where you don't have enough space. It takes me about one or two days after travelling to be in full shape again. The flight took around three hours so it wasn't so demanding this time.'

Slovakian defender likes the pitch and all the facilities are close to the hotel. 'It's perfect and very important for me and the rest of the team as well. You can stay on the pitch if you want to train individually and other players don't have to wait for you on the bus for example. It's great we have everything close to the hotel and we don't have to travel every day.'


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